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At the end of 2018, Bondi Consult acquired the Siemensstraße 87-89 property and is, via three project companies, the owner of the construction units, A, B and D.

At the start of 2020, Bondi Consult together with a partner acquired the Siemensstraße 88 property on the opposite side of the street and is, therefore, the owner of construction units F1, F2 and F3.

The properties are located on the Siemensstraße opposite, respectively next to the Siemens headquarters in the southeastern part of the 21st Viennese District (Floridsdorf). The Siemensstraße 87-89 property in the midst of this development area is one of the last large interrelated commercial areas with industrial zoning. Siemensstraße 88 is at present in a re-zoning process, currently the green print of the future zoning plan has been published for assessment. The zoning as a mixed land-use area (business land-use area) is intended to allow offices, hotels, student accommodation and / or similar in the future.

Thereby, with the two properties, an ideal combination of the zonings – in the interests of creating an optimum mix of uses– is guaranteed.

The TwentyOne project consists of six hubs: Innovation, Service, Central, Student, Office and Hotel.

Due to great demand, the Service Hub has already been disposed of and is, therefore, no longer available.

A Pre-District certification in accordance with the Standards and Regulations of the ÖGNI / DGNB (Austrian and German green building certification) (Status 2020) was achieved for the entire project by the end of April 2020.


  • 3. Quarter 2020

    Groundbreaking Innovation Hub

  • 3. Quarter 2020

    Final property designation Hotel -, Office- and Student Hub

  • 3. Quarter 2020

    Submission Hotel-, Office- and Student Hub

  • 1. Quarter 2021

    Submission Central Hub

  • 2. Quarter 2021

    Groundbreaking Central Hub

  • 1. Quarter 2022

    Completion Innovation Hub

  • 1. Quarter 2023

    Completion Central Hub


The Developer

Bondi Consult was founded by Dr Anton Bondi de Antoni in 1998. As a licensed real estate trustee and corporate consultant, Bondi Consult offers services relating to all aspects of real estate and the central requirements of users and investors. The focus areas include the support for projects from the initial review through to the handing over to the asset management, the conceptual design, development and erection of buildings both within the company’s own portfolio and for third parties, and work-out management and support for non-operating real estate on behalf of banks and project operators.

The BC21 project team is led by commercial manager Dominik Erne.


The “TwentyOne” project is located at Siemensstraße 87-89, respectively, Siemensstraße 88, at the heart of the 21st Viennese district. It involves one of the last big, interrelated industrial and commercial sites in the north of Vienna. The property – after partial buying with a remaining site area of approximately 50,000 m2 in the southeastern section, Floridsdorf – was originally divided into six building plots, one of which, building plot B, has already been fully utilized.

The plot, which was acquired by the Chamber of Commerce together with the city of Vienna for the long-term safeguarding of commercial areas in Vienna, lies in a zone defined as a “red zone” in accordance with the urban development concept “Productive Town”.

The two properties distinguish themselves through an optimum connection to the transport network and are impressive thanks to to their excellent accessibility. Adjacent to the site is the Siemensstraße railway station that is not only served by the urban railway lines S1, S2 and S7, but also by REX (Regional Express), regional trains and the bus lines 30 A and 31 A at intervals of 4 minutes (subway frequency).

This ensures direct networking with the most relevant traffic junctions in the greater Vienna area, such as, for example, the inner city, the Praterstern, central Vienna and the Vienna main railway station. The direct connection to the Vienna Schwechat Airport is another special feature. The Leopoldau U1 and Floridsdorf U6 underground stations are each just one urban railway station away from the Siemensstraße. Also, the Kagranerplatz and Aderklaaerstraße U1 stations can be reached within ten minutes with the aid of the 31A bus route. These connections form an important hub with regard to the accessibility and networking of the Siemensstraße location.

In addition, the A22 Donauuferautobahn (Danube bank motorway) (1.5 km), the Floridsdorf junction (1.8 km), the north bridge (2.8 km) and the exit to the S2 (expressway) (4 km) are located in the immediate neighbourhood. The town centre of the Vienna inner city lies 6.8 kilometers in a straight line from the the property.

– AVAILABLE SITE AREA: approx. 50,000 m2
– ZONING Building plots A,B and D “INDUSTRIAL AREA”
– ZONING Building plots F1, F2 and F3 “MIXED AREA”
– GROSS FLOOR AREA: up to approx. 130,000 m2 available



The connection of the properties to the interregional transport network and the close proximity to the Vienna Siemensstraße urban railway station“ ensure excellent accessibility. The current development of the 21st district offers, on the one hand, the opportunity to benefit from the growing infrastructure and the future commercial projects and, on the other hand, it can be certainly assumed that the planned development of the “TwentyOne” project will provide immense mutual added value for the entire area.

In addition, there result considerable bilateral synergy effects, in particular from the geographic proximity to the newly erected North Hospital or the Vienna Veterinary Medical University and the well-known companies in the immediate surroundings, such as, for, example, the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), RailTecArsenal, A1, ATOS Center Vienna, TechBase, Trescal and also Biomedica.

In the immediate surroundings there is a wide variety of local shopping facilities such as the companies BILLA, Merkur, Lidl, Hofer and also Spar, as well as Shell, BP and Eni petrol stations. There is also a multidude of restaurants in the immediate neighbourhood. The North Shopping Cente and the Donau (Danube) centre are each 7 minutes respectively 10 minutes driving distance away. It is evident that the development of the “TwentyOne” will lead to a massive stimulation of the entire area from which the whole of Floridsdorf will benefit long-term through the further establishment of small and medium-sized businesses (restaurants, bakers, dry cleaners, etc.).



The Innovation Hub forms the attractive start to the western part of the property directly next to the urban railway station.

On the part facing the railway, a multi-storey car park with approximately (non-public) 750 parking spaces will be built directly next to a Merkur market with around 2,500 m2 of retail space. Above it, an office block with a gross floor area of approximately 14,000 m2 will be built. The establishment of first-class laboratory and office areas is conceptionally intended. The innovative and high-grade office block will be developed with a separate, easily visible entrance with its own lobby and exquisite welcome area.

The planning permission was received in the second quarter 2020. Currently, the start of construction work is assumed to be Q3 2020. Completion is planned for the first quarter of 2022.

The Innovation Hub is marketed by Otto Immobilien.

SURFACE AREA: 16,700 m2 // GROSS FLOOR AREA: 38,000 m2


Perspektive_02_9_2sm Kopie
Perspektive_01_9_2sm Kopie




In the area of the Service Hub, large-scale building development is possible. In doing so, an aboveground gross floor area of 60,000 m2 is possible as well as the division of the land into different parcels for use as offices, data centres, logistics, laboratories, etc.

Due to the high demand, the Service Hub has already been successfully sold and is no longer available.

SURFACE AREA: 22,500 m// GROSS FLOOR AREA: 60,000 m2



The Central Hub on the 9,800 m2 area borders directly onto the Siemensstraße and is ideally suitable for use by one or several tenants. Mixed use for a showroom or retail area on the ground floor as well as for laboratory areas, training, conference and office spaces on the upper floors is under consideration.

The Central Hub is impressive, in particular due to its excellent visibility and is, therefore, attractive to all companies that benefit from display areas. A spacious, planted inner courtyard is designed as an atmospheric wellness oasis and provides ideal space for breaks from everyday office life.

The aimed for target date for the receipt of planning permission is the second quarter of 2021. Currently, the start of construction work is assumed to be Q3 2021.

The Central Hub is marketed by Otto Immobilien.

SURFACE AREA: 9,800 m2 // GROSS FLOOR AREA: 35,000 m2





The Hotel Hub borders directly onto the Siemens City. Traditional hotel use in combination with office space is planned. In addition to the roughly 100, 3-star+ hotel rooms, it is also intended to provide around 50 long-stay rooms (serviced apartments). Due to the many businesses in the area, the hotel will, in addition to first-class catering with a restaurant and bar, also provide a conference area. In addition, a complete floor is also intended for a multi-facetted fitness studio that will leave nothing to be desired. Thanks to the flexible and innovative planning of the projects, if required a subarea of the building can be used as office space or alternatively as an extension of the long-stay area.

The entire building is surrounded by a spacious, traffic-calmed outdooor area with a high proportion of green spaces.

The welcoming wellness oasis on the whole of the property improves the air quality and the microclimate and thus provides an excellent space not only for the working environment but also generally for relaxation. The innovative energy concept with, amongst other things, a photovoltaic system on the roof rounds off the sustainability of the whole project.

In accordance with the specifications of the City of Vienna and for the maintenance of the green surroundings, no aboveground parking spaces will be built on the building sites F1 (Hotel Hub) and F3 (Student Hub). Future parking for the hotel business will be conveniently possible in an underground car park, alternatively in the multi-storey car park on the property opposite.




The Office Hub is located between the Student and Hotel Hubs and is intended solely for use as offices. The office building is to be developed in accordance with the latest standards of the “new world of work”. An important part of these new forms of work is flexibility – for which the facilities will be designed accordingly. Individual units from a size of approximately 300 m2 are conceptionally intended. A large number of spaces for common use will be available.

The range of services will be rounded off by an extensive catering area and a large supermarket (between the Office and Student Hubs).

In order to ensure convenience when shopping, approximately 35 parking spaces will be provided in the immediate vicinity of the supermarket.

The Office Hub stands in the middle of an inviting outdoor green area, planted with shrubs and groups of trees, that ensures good air quality and is a guarantor of an optimum microclimate. At the same time, the green outdoor area forms a link to the adjacent hubs. In combination with the forecourts of the Innovation and the Central Hubs as well as the forecourt of the Siemens AG headoffice, an extensive plaza is created through a large forecourt in the direction of Siemensstraße. An ideal environment in which to enjoy the breaks from everyday office life.

Just as for the other two hubs, an innovative and sustainable energy concept, a part of which is, for example, the photovoltaic system on the roof, is planned for the Office Hub.




The Student Hub, with around 500 rooms, will provide ample space for students, young urban professionals and temporary teaching staff. It lies immediately next to the S-Bahn (suburban railway) entrance.

Smartly furnished rooms or apartments that are tailored to the needs of the student are planned. A wide variety of common areas, such as, for example, generous kitchens, comfortable dining areas, cosy living areas, pleasant and functional study areas and modern laundry rooms is also in the planning.

In order to make shopping convenient in the future, the shops planned for the ground floor can be used.

A modernly designed and large area for the parking of bicycles is a matter of course for a student hall of residence.

The good-looking spacious outside green areas around the hub are naturally designed and provide excellent space for relaxation and an ideal learning environment with first-class air quality and an exceptional microclimate.

In addition, a spacious plaza that ensures a great sense of space is formed through a large forecourt in the direction of Siemensstraße in combination with the forecourts of the Innovation and the Central Hubs as well as the forecourt of the Siemens AG headoffice.

The photovoltaic system on the roof is a part of the modern, innovative, smart energy concept that is intended to satisfy all the criteria of sustainability.



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